10 Affordable Place To Eat At Singapore

Either as a local or tourist, there is no excuse not to try these time-tested foods we all grew up with. This is a good check-list of authentic local cuisine in Singapore that you must eat. For that exact reason, I put together 10 of the cheapest places for casual dining where to indulge in… Continue reading 10 Affordable Place To Eat At Singapore

Easy Outfit Ideas For Your Night Out and Hypster Places To Chill Out

At dusk, I went to Haji Lane for a night chill. I wore this see through lace blouse and paired with a wide legs and edgy denim jeans, leaves the casual yet sophisticated impressive for a multiple vibe. The see through lace blouse is very convenient for formal and casual attire, and I naturally paired… Continue reading Easy Outfit Ideas For Your Night Out and Hypster Places To Chill Out

8 Books Every Go-Getter Girl Should Read

"She's such a go-getter girl". How many times have you heard this question before? You're probably a go-getter girl or perhaps to describe your friend, co-worker,sister,or even yourself. A go-getter girl is an aggressively enterprising person who is fearless in pursuit goals and dreams. She is someone who is strategic on her decision and keen… Continue reading 8 Books Every Go-Getter Girl Should Read

10 Ultimate Guide You Wish To Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

For some brides-to-be, shopping for a wedding dress can be utterly thrilling, while-for others-it's an utter nightmare. It can also be stressful about the budget, what style and cut best suits your body type? what kind of gowns are trending this season? yes, we all know it's complicated and overwhelming. If you're feeling pressure to… Continue reading 10 Ultimate Guide You Wish To Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

5 Minutes Makeup Tips

Nothing is worse than waking up only to realize that you’ve got 20 minutes until you’re supposed to be at work or your morning daily activities (sometimes afternoons) when time is the most important, and knowing how to do 5 minute makeup can end up steadily. How you use those few spare moments can decide… Continue reading 5 Minutes Makeup Tips

Breathtaking Black On Black Casual Outfit

If you're looking for something to wear on a sunday weekend spent or live your saturday night - the cold shoulder is something to consider. Sure you don't need us to tell you that you're in a win - win situation with an all black outfit. This is the most flattering colors, when it comes… Continue reading Breathtaking Black On Black Casual Outfit

New Ideas You Should Try While Café hopping

Forget about those “Instagrammable” eating places and food. These days, there are many hidden gems in the neighbourhood where you can satisfy your café hopping pleasures. These cafés do not look much different from a typical commercial shop and they can be easily overlooked if you do not pay special attention. From a cute satisfying jar… Continue reading New Ideas You Should Try While Café hopping