Easy Peasy Guide; The Top 10 Attractions List Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa has something fabulous for all ages and budgets. Head over and spend a day or two with your families or friends. Where you'll enjoy so many things at sentosa island, from a huge attractions till the splendid white sand beach as well as the encircle nature. To make things easy peasy for you, I… Continue reading Easy Peasy Guide; The Top 10 Attractions List Sentosa Island Singapore

Easy Outfit Ideas For Your Night Out and Hypster Places To Chill Out

At dusk afterwork, I went to Haji Lane for a night chill. I wore this see through lace blouse and paired with a wide legs and edgy denim jeans, leaves the casual yet sophisticated impressive for a multiple vibe. The see through lace blouse is very convenient for formal and casual attire, and I naturally… Continue reading Easy Outfit Ideas For Your Night Out and Hypster Places To Chill Out

20 Tips To Survive Your College Life

Entering into the college world completely blind can be very frightening to a freshman. Goodbye high school: hello real life responsibilities. Things can quickly become overwhelming! But don't worry, below are 20 tips that are sure to make your first year college just a little fun. 01. Stay Connected With Your Friends and Family at… Continue reading 20 Tips To Survive Your College Life

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk is one of the most breathtaking nature spot, located in the central area of Singapore - just off Thomson Road. The TreeTop Walk is hit among nature lovers, with a 250 meter suspended pathway between Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalan, the 2 highest points in MacRitchie. There's so many direction to get… Continue reading In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

8 Books Every Go-Getter Girl Should Read

"She's such a go-getter girl". How many times have you heard this question before? You're probably a go-getter girl or perhaps to describe your friend, co-worker,sister,or even yourself. A go-getter girl is an aggressively enterprising person who is fearless in pursuit goals and dreams. She is someone who is strategic on her decision and keen… Continue reading 8 Books Every Go-Getter Girl Should Read

Current Addicted K-Drama ; Pretty Noona Buy Me Food

Hi everyone! Are you a K-drama Lover? What the latest drama you watched? I want to share about my current drama addicted. Normally I'm not into a romance or chick lit drama, Mostly I watched mystery, thriller, and detective genres. The latest K-drama everyone buzzing about is Something In The Rain, the original Korean tittle… Continue reading Current Addicted K-Drama ; Pretty Noona Buy Me Food

10 Things You Must Do The Summer Before College

The summer before you venture off to college is unlike any other summer you will have. You are getting ready to take a huge step in your life. Things are going to change, and the next time you are home, you probably will not be the same person you were when you left. You will… Continue reading 10 Things You Must Do The Summer Before College

A Novel; Mademoiselle Chanel

I stay as far as I can from romance and chick-lit but this novel is really an eye catchy. In this novel, tells the epic, rage-to-riches story of how brilliant, mercurial, self-created woman become a legend. Born into rural poverty, Gabrielle Chanel and her sisters are sent to a convent orphanage after their mother’s death.… Continue reading A Novel; Mademoiselle Chanel

Get Inspired from Ikea

Who does not love Ikea?? With their modren and scandinavian furniture design. Ikea has tons of great and unique stuff.  With so many options, it can be hard to pick out the prefect ideas from Ikea. Here some tips to figure out the perfect for decorations. Work flexible; a family office space. It’s mean you… Continue reading Get Inspired from Ikea

Best Shoot for your Instagram

guyss... pernah gak siiii lue mengunjungi Apple store Singapore? buat sebagian fans fanatic apple pasti udah perna dong ya kaann?!!! Apple Store Singapore ada 2 lantai; Lantai pertama buat selling products dan accessoris. nah... di lantai 2 ini guys buat set up dan kadang ada berbagai events. biasanya si pas lagi weekends tuh. yang mao gue… Continue reading Best Shoot for your Instagram