Newbie Haircare Japanese Brand’s “The Botanist Botanical Shampoo”

As we are increasingly bombarded with new brands, it’s only inevitable that we become more cautious of the ingredients inside the products. Too much alcohol inside the products can cause our skin dry or irritation.

I love Japanese-made products because Japanese-made products are known for their great quality. With that said, I was intrigued upon learning that popular Japanese botanical hair care brand BOTANIST was finally made available for purchase here in Singapore via Sephora. Not only are most BOTANIST products silicone-free, the haircare also harnesses the power of nature by incorporating 90% plant-derived ingredients.

Newbie Haircare Japanese Brand’s “The Botanist Botanical Shampoo”-Sephora-Sephora Singapore

Although, I haven’t been able to get my hands on all of its offerings, but I’ve been using BOTANIST Botanical Shampoo (green apple & rose) for over two months now. I can exactly saying the packaging of the products is so clean and sleek.
They can be fine decorative items to the bathroom. It’s captivating and give a minimalist vibe into your bathroom racks.

What is it?
This is a silicone and sulfate free shampoo that claims to leave hair soft and manageable. We all know that silicone makes the hair smoother and shinier. However, the silicone also settles on the scalp and can trigger allergies, eczema and psoriasis. It doesn’t wash away and continues to build up every time you use the conditioner or shampoo containing silicone. Over time, your hair will become heavy and listless and eventually leads to hair loss!!

-Newbie Haircare Japanese Brand’s “The Botanist Botanical Shampoo”-Sephora-Sephora Singapore

The Verdict:
The Shampoo smell deliciously fruity and pleasant to use. I also found that you do not need a lot of product during each use, so a little does go a long way, which is of course a great plus point as each bottle would last a while in the bathroom.

The Shampoo itself doesn’t lather up into a bubbly foam like other typical shampoos do as it is sulfate-free, but I appreciate that knowing that the natural hair oils wouldn’t be stripped away. While the Shampoo works wonderfully on the hair, it did dry out my scalp and give me dandruff. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a drier or flaky scalp as it is.

The BOTANIST Shampoo doesn’t weigh the hair down, and they rarely leaves my thick mane tangled, but they do take a bit longer to wash off completely. Would I re-purchase these products? Yeap.

I used to be very obsessed with my straightening iron to keep my hair in place and to prevent frizzy hair but I don’t have to do that anymore!! My hair feels super lightweight and shiny even after blow-drying.

– Smells wonderfully fruity
– Made with 90% natural plant-based ingredients
– No nasties, some products are free from silicones and sulfates

– Drying on the scalp
– More time-consuming to wash off
– A little on the higher price point

Rating – 3.5/5

Botanist is priced at SGD26 each and you can get them from any Sephora Singapore stores, Sephora Singapore Online! More info on Botanist at their official page!

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