Essentials Skincare Routine [Caudalie Vinoperfect Line]

How everyone spend they christmas day?
Back in September, I went to sephora to redeem my beauty rewards. I figure had to pick up a new skincare product and I choose Caudalie Vinoperfect. And I could say my skincare routine have been turn into a minimalist.


As I’ve mentioned in other skincare routine that I’ve done, I followed 8 step skincare routine. Recently thing has been changed and my skincare routine has been minimal and I love how my skin obsessed into these Caudalie Vinoperfect Line. It took me so long to write this post that all the products are finished by now. I decided I should take advantage of this fact to write a mini review of each one of them, so this is like a Special Edition of The Caudalie skincare routine!


Caudalie is one of those skincare ranges that will never not be a part of my skincare routine because of the amazing and naturally formulated ingredients within their products. They are never formulated with sulfates or parabens and honestly are so amazing for you skin. The Vinoperfect range is great for those low maintenance girls who still want killer skin without the 10 step routine.

After cleansing, I’ll tap in some of the Caudalie VinoPerfect Brightening Essence. This stuff is the dream. Inspired by Asian skincare, they have created a beautifully lightweight formulation. It smells light, herbal and natural.

During the day time I use the Vinoperfect Essence and the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. At night time I’ll add the Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream. Staying true to the Caudalie way, the Vinoperfect Essence is made with grape water which soothes and hydrates your skin. The effects of the essence work almost instantly as it sweeps away dead skin cells, revealing fresher, brighter and smoother skin leaving behind an even skin tone and complexion. I use the essence in place of a toner and I love the fresh and soothing feeling it leaves on my skin.

The Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is the key to radiance. This serum is formulated to reduce dark spots and leave behind a beautiful and brighter skin tone. If you have dark spots, dryness and/or dullness this serum is perfect for you. I squeeze 4-5 drops directly onto my face and rub it directly into my skin. With my serums, I love applying them directly onto my face to avoid wasting even the smallest droplet of product. The Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is a winner of Total Beauty’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Dark Spot Corrector.

I applied this serum morning and evening over my cleansed and toned face.
It is a milky serum, that is supposed to lighten dark spots and brighten the complexion. It leaves a pleasant sensation upon application, it takes around 3 minutes to sink into the skin and it feels a bit tacky at first. But one it sets feels very lightweight on the skin. My first impression was positive, my skin looked more radiant in the morning, very hydrated and plumped. But there was no difference at all on my dark spots. I concluded the serum needed more time to do something to my skin and also probably be combined with the other two products.

While I use both the Vinoperfect Essence and the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum during my day time and night time skincare routines, I only use the Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream at night time (…obviously, lol). This cream leaves my skin so hydrated and nourished all throughout the night, I wake up will my skin’s thirst more than quenched. This cream gently exfoliates your skin during the night, allowing your skin to wake up fresh and breathe easy. The Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream is formulated with Caudalie’s patented Viniferine, a natural compound from vine sap which brightens, lightens and evens. Viniferine is 62 times more effective than Vitamin C3.

This cream was my absolute favourite from this set.
It has a thick texture that feels rich but not greasy at all. It is very comfortable, it gives a great level of moisture to my skin and leaves it feeling baby-butt-smooth and soft. Unfortunately, the 10 ml only lasted for two weeks, but it was during those two weeks where I saw my hyperpigmentation getting lighter, and the general condition of my skin at its best! So I would say the three products worked best together.

Every two days a week, I apply Caudalie Instant Detox Mask every morning about 5-10 minutes. It’s a pink clay color that will dry and tighten after you apply it. As it dries you can see small dark spots where it’s drawing out the oils from your pores. I have never seen a mask shrink and tighten pores like this one does. It’s non-irritating and leaves the skin feeling super clean. If you have dry skin you may want to leave this on for a shorter period of time or just use this on spots.

It’s such a pleasant finally I decided to try a Caudalie set called “Overnight brightening set” which consisted in a deluxe sample size of essence, serum, overnight cream and detox instant mask. I used up all of them. For this routine I did change my cleanser to Fresh soy cleanser and it’s turn surprisingly to me.

See ya, and Get ready for brighter days ahead!

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