Handy Disposable Cosmetic Tools

The correct tools are a must in creating beautiful everyday makeup looks. In this chapter, I discuss some handy disposable cosmetic tools, in every woman’s arsenal.


To assist in your makeup application, I recommend using some disposable items along with your brushes. These inexpensive disposable products can be found in any drugstore. They work in a pinch, are sanitary, and keep your applications neat and clean.

01.Cotton Swab
Cotton swabs are great multipurpose tools when applying and correcting your makeup. You can use them to clean under the eyes where shadow or liner has smudged, clean around the lips, blend eye shadow, and apply lip gloss.

02.Mascara Wands
If you are in a family that shares makeup, you should invest in a box of disposable mascara wands. This will help you avoid any infections related to sharing the same wand for a product so close to your eyes.

03.Makeup Sponges
Makeup sponges, also called wedges, typically come in latex. Use these sponges to apply and blend foundation, to apply concealer, and to clean edges around the eyes and lips after makeup application. You can even cut makeup sponges in half to save on cost and waste.

04.Baby Wipes
I always have a package of baby wipes on hand. They’re great tools to use during application to clean the area where a mistake has occurred. In addition, baby wipes are a great alternative to the more costly facial wipes. They also have soothing agents, such as aloe, and are available in fragrance-free, hypoallergenic versions for sensitive skin. What’s good for a baby’s tender skin is ideal for your face!

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