Everything You Need To Know About Other Brushes

There are so many more brushes that assist in a flawless application. It’s important to understand what each brush does. The following are some brushes beyond my five must-haves you can use to apply your makeup.


01.Lip Brush

This brush is typically synthetic due to the fact lip colors are cream based. Its slanted edge can help you create a well-defined lip shape.

02.Foundation Brush

A foundation brush is made from synthetic fibers and has a large head to help you cover more surface area on the face.

03.Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is made of synthetic fibers. Its small, thin size is perfect for applying concealer in smaller areas.

04.Dual-Fiber Brush

A dual-fiber brush is made with a mixture of animal and synthetic fibers. It’s a great brush to blend powder, liquid, or cream makeup, giving an airbrushed look to your makeup application.

05.Bronzer Brush

A bronzer brush is made from natural or synthetic fibers and has a dome-shaped head and dense bristles. As the name implies, it’s used to apply powdered bronzer.

06.Kabuki (Mineral Powder) Brush

A kabuki (mineral powder) brush is typically short with wide, round or flat bristles. These bristles are dense to assist in applying a stronger amount of pigment.

07.Angled Eye Shadow Brush

An angled eye shadow brush is perfect for applying color into the crease of the eye, due to its contoured shape.

08.Fine-Point Eyeliner Brush

A fine-point eyeliner brush is made from synthetic fibers and sometimes comes in an angled ferrule. Its thin, pointed head is great for detail work, making it useful for applying liquid and gel eyeliner.

09.Smudge Brush

A smudge brush can be made from either natural bristles or a sponge. This brush is designed to blend (smudge) a concentrated area, such as around the eye.

10.Blending Brush

A blending brush is made with natural or synthetic fibers, has a rounded head, and can sometimes be a little larger than a shadow brush. It’s meant to blend shadow colors together, but you can also use it to add highlights to the cheekbones.

11.Fan Brush

A fan brush actually has several uses, including applying blush, blending powders, cleaning up excess powder, and highlighting the cheekbones.

12.Brow Brush with Comb

A brow brush with comb is made with synthetic bristles and has a plastic or metal comb on one end. This tool is designed to brush and comb eyebrow hair.

The Best Tools of All … Your Fingers! If you are unable to invest in a foundation brush or concealer brush, your fingers will do the trick. You can use your ring finger to gently apply and blend concealer under the eye area.

Beauty Sponges

Another handy tool for your arsenal is the beauty sponge, an applicator without edges that helps to distribute and blend makeup after application without the appearance of lines. Think of it as the difference between a paint brush (streaks) and a roller brush (no lines).

6 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Other Brushes”

  1. I’ve been building my brush collection and the only thing I need now is a lip brush. I really love the way lipstick comes out when applied with a lip brush. Great list Thanks for sharing


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