The 5 Must Have Makeup Brush as a Beginner


There are a hundred different brushes that can be used for makeup application to achieve a flawless skin.
However, these five brushes are the basic tools I recommend to achieve your overall look

1.Powder Brush

A powder brush is the largest of the brushes you need. It is used to apply loose powder, typically after foundation is applied. A powder brush can also double as a tool to blend makeup.

2.Blush Brush

A blush brush is a bit smaller than and not as full as a powder brush. Use the blush brush to apply cheek color powder (rouge or bronzer). You can also use this brush to apply contour color.

3.Large Eye Shadow Brush

A large eye shadow brush made of either natural or synthetic bristles is great for applying lighter eye shadow pigments. I prefer a shadow brush with firm bristles, as I feel I have more control over the brush’s placement and less drop-off (loose powder falling off the brush).

4.Medium Eye Shadow Brush(Alternative: Dome Eye Shadow Brush)

A medium eye shadow brush, made of either natural or synthetic bristles, is ideal for applying darker eye shadow pigments. Again, as a personal preference, I feel a firm bristle allows more control and distributes more shadow pigment; a brush with loose bristles does not hold as much powder. As an alternative to the flatter medium eye shadow brush, a dome shadow brush has dome-or round-shaped bristles and comes to a point. The dome brush fits into the crease of the eye. The point deposits stronger color into the crease, while the sides of the dome blend the color on either side.

5.Angle Brush

This brush is my favorite tool. An angle brush is flat, cut at an angle, and comes in both synthetic and natural bristles. You can use the angle brush primarily for eyebrow color and applying powder and gel liner around the eye.

Why Two Shadow Brushes? I included two shadow brushes because, if you don’t clean your brushes regularly, it keeps the application less muddy.
The larger brush is good for applying the overall color of a lighter shadow, while the smaller brush is good for more detail and heavier, darker shadow.

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