[REVIEW] KOSE Suncut UV Protect spray SPF 50+PA++++

I lived in a country where the weather is hot and humid for all season. as you know how important it is to use sunblock? Sun exposure to the skin can directly damage your skin. Lingering in the sun can make my facial skin burn to. light brown and sometimes commonly referred to as spots. It’s tough to remove the spots and need an extra care.

That’s why I’m literally use a sunblock before leaving the house, and I always carry sunblock spray
inside my bag in case I’m sweat and I need to reapply again. Couldn’t thankful enough for this KOSE SUNCUT UV PROTECTION SPRAY. Everything so easy with this spray. It’s save time for every morning too. So let’s start!

Maximum UV protection factor for a complete full-body sun protection to ensure that you don’t burn! In an unbelievably light and non-greasy spray. Just spray on for even coverage of difficult-to-reach areas and protect your skin and hair from UV damage.

The sunscreen is formulated with 10 moisturizing herbal extracts to protect skin against moisture loss, and it features the newly added PA++++ rating to better protect skin against sunburn and dark spots.
It feels light as water on the skin, and sets to a smooth finish with no stickiness or white residue.

How To Use
[REVIEW] KOSE Suncut UV Protect spray SPF 50+PA++++-Sun Spray-Sunblock-Suncut-Sunscreen-Japan-Kose-Skincare

The Packaging
I bought the variant for sensitive skin, which has no fragrance. There is other variants with fragrance with pink and blue spray can. Mine comes with white spray can of 50g products. This sunscreen spray already contained high protection which is SPF 50+ PA++++ and travel friendly size. Good for touch ups when you need extra sun protection but don’t want to spoil your makeup.
[REVIEW] KOSE Suncut UV Protect spray SPF 50+PA++++-Sun Spray-Sunblock-Suncut-Sunscreen-Japan-Kose-Skincare

I’m not understand Japan and that’s all written in Japan. Here I take a look again at Cosdna. com to translate all the ingredients. It’s really helpful especially for someone who’s not understand other languages(like me) lol.
[REVIEW] KOSE Suncut UV Protect spray SPF 50+PA++++-Sun Spray-Sunblock-Suncut-Sunscreen-Japan-Kose-Skincare

The Verdict
It’s like any other spray. Although it is said that it has no fragrance, but it has a bit of unpleasant smell. The smell will fade away after you sprayed it on your face, so don’t worry. I don’t try to use it on face because I’m afraid can cause any breakout or allergic. be careful when spray on face though, It will makes your face oily and it’s uncomfortable.Even the description explains not leaves a white-cast, But I do notice some white-cast on my body, legs and hands. Overall okay since it’s body,(not face).

Pros and cons:
(+) High SPF and doesn’t break me out.
(+) Travel friendly size, good for touch ups
(+) Can be used on top of makeup
(-) If spray too much or too close, will leave uncomfortable oily feeling
(-) Unpleasant smell

Value For Money: ♥♥♥♥
Flexibility: ♥♥♥♥
Effectiveness: ♥♥♥
Rating: 3.5/5
Price SGD 22.90 at Watson Singapore

Cheers, and love

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