September;What Is In My Everyday Makeup Bag

Having a makeup bag to be carry around, I guess is a must for every woman or makeup lover. So in this post I’m going to give you all a peek into my current makeup bag which is filled with my all-time favorite makeup and brands. In fact, it is all the makeup that I own.

September;What Is In My Everyday Makeup Bag-Giorgio Armani-YSL-Lip Stain-Nude Emblem-Top Secret-Peripera-Fenty Beauty

When it comes to makeup I am a minimalist. I just tend to reach for smaller and easier go-to items to be carry around and I can touch-up anytime. So here’s a list every items in my current everyday makeup bag!

For foundation, I’ve been reaching for Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation(discontinued), it’s like a holy grail foundation for me. I like the lightweight and works nicely with drier skin types. The finish is also very natural-looking, it has a satin to very slightly dewy finish.

For the base, I’ve also been loving the YSL Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow – when it comes to moisturizer. Taking care of your skin early is very important, especially when trying to stay youthful. The Top Secret meant to be a primer for over your skincare and ha a silicone based with glycerin, but feels surprisingly light. The light pink color based goes away completely when applied to your skin.

Then I have the absolute fave eyeshadow that I can use whenever the shades fade away. I use the Peripera wholly Deep Velvet #07-Pure Milk Tea Brown, as my eyeshadow base. It’s a soft and semi-matte eyeshadow. These perfect for daily color. This helps my eyeshadow stay all day long and keep the shadow from creasing. To brighten up the eyes, I apply a shimmer shadow on top over the lids! I use the peripera Ink Fitting Shadow #01-Ginger Tart. The shimmery is a multipurpose for any events, and the formula are easily to blend.

The way that I take my look from daytime to nighttime is with eyeliner. During the day I wear brown eyeliner. At night time I changed it up and use black eyeliner. Super simple change, but a completely different look.

For highlighter, I always carry around Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter-Lightning Dust. It has a light shimmer that adds a natural pearly sheen without enhancing the texture.

My favorite part of makeup routine is applying lip color. I am a huge fans of the YSL Rouge Tatouage Matte Lip Stain #16-Nude Emblem. The color is bright rose, with orange undertones. The lipsticks are sheer, they are also creamy, moisturizing, and go on smooth. Plus they’re beautiful to look at!
For the days when I’m in the mood for something nude, I’ve applied The Gloss Bomb by Fenty Beauty. The rosy nude is really flattering and works for everyone. It’s hydrating and a bit shimmering.

Even though I’m not a big fans of a setting powder because they usually add more cakey into makeup. When I applied, I only apply underneath in eye’s area.

For now, this is my minimalist makeup bag and what your makeup bag essentials?

Cheers, and let’s be more beautiful tomorrow

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