How To Choose The Perfect Foundation

Is it just me or is it overwhelming going to a department or drug store to choose a foundation. Don’t you think there needs to be a foundation expert on hand that isn’t employed by one brand to help you choose the foundation that is right for you? I very rarely buy a new foundation without doing a lot of research first, especially when it comes to buying a high end brand.

I’ve always found it hard choosing a foundation when out shopping so I thought I would share some tips with you to help you choose the right foundation.

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Foundation Finish
First up you need to decide what finish you want. Do you like your foundation to look matte, dewy, satin or semi-matte? This will help rule out a number of different foundations

How much coverage do you like? Are you a full coverage type of girl? Medium coverage or sheer coverage? If you are more inclined towards sheer coverage I recommend going for a BB cream tinted moisturizer.

Skin Type
To choose the right foundation for you, you need to know your skin type. For me this is the most important step. Everyone might rave about a certain foundation but if it’s not suitable for your skin type then it’s not going to work for you.
Do you have oily skin that gets shiny throughout the day? Acne prone skin (look for a foundation containing Salicylic Acid)? Dry, sometimes flaky skin? Sensitive skin, do you experience sensitivity with products regularly? Normal skin (I envy you lol!)? or finally do you have combination skin, where you are oily in your T-Zone but dry or dehydrated everywhere else.

Foundation Type
Next up what type of foundation do you like to see? Do you like a liquid base foundation? Powder foundation? Mineral foundation? (these are great if you have acne prone skin) Cream foundation? or finally a stick foundation? Again this is going to help rule out a lot of foundations. During this step you need to think back to your skin type and also what coverage you want. Let’s break this down for you

♥ Liquid Foundation – This is good for all skin type and you can get a light to full coverage from it. This will depend on what foundation you go for
♥ Cream foundation – Good for normal to dry skin and gives a medium to full coverage
♥ Powder foundation – Good for all skin types except for dry and you can get a light to full coverage
♥ Stick foundation – Good for normal to oily skin and gives a full coverage
♥ Mineral foundation – Oily skin and acne prone skin gives a buildable coverage

Choosing The Correct Shade
This is the bit I hate about drugstore foundation. The fact that you have to choose your own shade is very stressful. There are 2 min things you need to consider when you choosing the correct shade. Number one, what is your skin depth? Are you light (fair), Medium or dark? Also you may be in-between depths. SO for example I am a fair medium depth (I sure like to be difficult). The second thing you need to consider is your undertone. Do you have a cool, warm or neutral undertone? Not sure what undertone you are? Have a look at your veins, are they green, blue, or mix of both? If you have green veins then you have a warm undertone. Blue then you have a cool undertone. If you have a mixture of both then you have a neutral undertone. Cool undertones tend to mean that you foundation will be more pinky and warm undertones will look more yellow.

When testing your foundation always choose a color that matches the rest of your body. Your neck tends to be lighter than your body so I like to choose a color that matches my body and apply the foundation to my neck as well.

You may also want to change up your foundation in the summer to a lighter shade and also a darker shade due to getting a sun-tan(I’m high hoping here, lets face it I will always be pale lol)

My Fave/Bucket-list foundation
These are the Top/Bucket-list foundation I have found for my skin. I have combination dry and oily T-Zone, so even though these work great for me they may not work if you a different skin type.
♥ Liquid Foundation – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $62| Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft matte Long Wear Foundation, $34| A drugstore alternative is the L’oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte Foundation $12.99

♥ Powder Foundation – Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation $30, It has such a great coverage and is a perfect to use in the summer. Other alternative is Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, $35

♥ Mineral Foundation – Bare Mineral has it’s name for a reason. You cannot beat their mineral foundation. It comes in two types; original and matte. Both cost $30

♥ Cream Foundation – Laura mercier Creme Foundation, $48| RMK Creamy Foundation| Both has a good coverage and helps skin look soft and smooth

♥ Stick Foundation Tarte Clay Stick Foundation($39), this foundation have a great coverage and blend easily. If you have an oily skin and good for other skin types. I haven’t found the right stick foundation for my skin type. Any recommendation please leave in the comment below. I would love to try them out

I hope this post helps you find the perfect foundation and makes the job less daunting.

Cheers and Love,
Let’s be more beautiful than tomorrow

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