In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk is one of the most breathtaking nature spot, located in the central area of Singapore – just off Thomson Road. The TreeTop Walk is hit among nature lovers, with a 250 meter suspended pathway between Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalan, the 2 highest points in MacRitchie.

There’s so many direction to get to MacRitchie TreeTop Walk

01. If your destination only travel and visit the TreeTop Walk, the closest starting point is from Venus Drive Car Park, Where there’s a hiking trails you can take.

02. Or if you’re up for walking a bit more, and would like to enjoy MacRitchie Reservoir Park and make your trip more accomplished, take the route like I did!

Starting Point: From Bishan Station walk the newly renovated Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park. Cross over Upper Thomson Road to walk the trail in Lower Pierce Reservoir. Walk down Upper Thomson Road to Island Club Road to Eastern part of MacRitchie Reservoir trail.
The pace of walk on paths and trails is slower than on paved roads. A round trip is about 7 km to 10 km long. Allocate 3 to 5 hours for the trek.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park is the oldest reservoir in Singapore. It’s a 12 hectare park with a lush patch of greenery that provides a perfect wonderful families outdoor activities on weekends.

The trails around MacRitchie are captivating. Bound by the Singapore Island Country Club golf course on one side, the areas manicured walkways-when not on the trail-would make a outstanding place to stop for a picnic lunch, locals run or jog the trails and, for really determined, there’s an outdoor exercise park near the Jelutong Tower, a tower that offer views across the golf course and reservoir.

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Keep following the trail and let yourself be guided by the abundance of signboards. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you start seeing leaves that are browning on one side and completely white on the other scattered all over the ground.

Walk for a few kilometers before arrive at TreeTop, you will see the Ranger Station is around the corner! Rest up and make sure you refill your water bottles here! It’s can’t be denied, they have a clear water and cooler. Refreshed and energized yourself, trust me the cold water will make you feel like you’re drinking from the Fountain of Life itself.

From Ranger Station, the TreeTop Walk is just only a short walk. Keep following the signboards until you reached the little security post. At this point, there will also be a sign that informs you the bridge is a one-way path, so you cannot turn back which means you must have take the return journey via the forest path below.

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Although the TreeTop walk is 250m, but I felt the bridge much shorter compared to the hike up, still the view was worth it. You’re gonna love it!

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Observed the various layers of the rain forest from the TreeTop walk suspension bridge, these include from the highest to lowest, the emergent layer (trees that stick out), the canopy, shrubbery and the ground layer.

Don’t forget to enjoy the physical experience while you up there, and don’t be too caught up to taking photographs! Stand really still and feel the wind sway the bridge and take in the magnificence of nature. Yes, the bridge sway. Very slightly, but you can definitely feel it. That’s so delight.

The only downside is that the bridge is too short. After that super long super tiring hike, I’d prefer I got to enjoy the view a bit more. Unfortunately I can’t really enjoy the breeze because there’s still few people on behind and I need to keep walking forward. But still a pleasant trip!

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Once you crossed the suspension bridge, you will then need to take the one-way Petaling Trail down Bukit Kalang. Turn left and the track will lead you back to Windsor Nature Park and Venus Drive. Whatever your choice, you sure will walk out of the Central Catchment Nature Reservoir.

In The Midst Hustle Bustle Singapore City; MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Things To Note:
– Be cautious to monkey and don’t feed them, also don’t eat too openly
– Apply sunblock and insect repellent, to avoid being bites on your arms and legs
– Bring water, with Singapore humidity weather and after a long walk you will feel dehydrated pretty quickly
– Wear sneaker/hiking boots and comfortable clothes, as the paths are rocky and littered with stones of varying shapes
– Last things, if you only want visit the TreeTop Walk, I advised you not taking the paths as I did on above. Better started at Venus Drive Car Park. My legs were not pleased me during the night and the next day

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