10 Ultimate Guide You Wish To Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

For some brides-to-be, shopping for a wedding dress can be utterly thrilling, while-for others-it’s an utter nightmare. It can also be stressful about the budget, what style and cut best suits your body type? what kind of gowns are trending this season? yes, we all know it’s complicated and overwhelming.

If you’re feeling pressure to find the wedding dress of your dream the read this ultimate guide and take your time. Don’t rush and don’t worry.

01. Learn the style term to level the dress playing field
Wedding dresses have their own lingo for necklines, hemlines and shirt fits. Pinterest has awesome pictures and info-graphics that will visually guide you so you can point your wedding consultant in the right direction.

02. Be willing to try ALL style of dresses!
Have an open mind and try on ALL kinds of different styles of dresses, whether you think you will like it or not! You never know what kind of dress is most flattering for your body type until you try it on you! You may pleasantly surprise yourself.

03. Call Ahead
Most bridal shops will require you to call and set up an appointment ahead at time. Avoid walk-in so your consultant can be prepared! Be sure that if you have a large group coming with, your bridal shop can accommodate.

04. Set a Budget
Before you go dress shopping, set a budget. It can be so easy to overdo it once you’re in the shop and have hundreds of dresses being thrown your way. My suggestion is to not even look at dresses that area out of your price range.

05. Know Your Body Shape
Having knowledge about your body shape will be very beneficial for you when you are dress shopping. Think about what type of fits are flattering and unflattering on you.

06. Wear Appropriate Undergarments 
Your consultant will be likely be in your fitting room helping you in and out of dresses. I suggest wearing a strapless bra and nude or white panties that you feel uncomfortable in.

07. Shop Around
Have fun with your big day! Don’t be afraid to shop around and try out a few bridal shops!

08. Remember That Dress is For You
Not your sister, grandma, Mom,or mother-in-law! This is YOUR dress. Pick what makes you happy

09. Sleep On It
If you think you know it’s “the one”, take a night and sleep on it. It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour; taking a night to think about the dress will slow the process down for you.

10. Once You Find Your Dress, STOP Looking
Once you decide on a dress and purchase it, stop with the dress shopping! The last thing you need is a conflict of interest!

Wedding dress shopping is going to be one of the days that you remember for the rest of your life. Have a vision, be prepared, and be open-minded. But don’t forget to have fun!

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