How Face Mask Give You an Instantly “Glass Skin”

The popularity of sheet masks really took off with the Korean skincare and beauty routines becoming so popular. It was a sure fire way to get a glowing  complexion fast.

I had seen a ton of sheet masks, they were first widely popular in Asian skincare, then they’re starting trickle over the drugstore, and my favorite brand’s Sephora.
Basically, sheet masks seemed the most appealing for a way to start off my skincare routine that wouldn’t become a huge investment.

Sheet masks are commonly used in K-beauty routines because they often contain natural resources that help achieve a healthy glow, being just one of the steps in the long regimen. The sheet mask is generally some sort of disposable that you leave on your place from 10-60 minutes. They don’t need to be washed off after, simple massage the remaining product into your skin.

How to pick the best sheet mask for your skin
Knowing what your complexion type is will help you find the perfect sheet mask. There are many resources, such as quizzes(What is My Skin Type?)that ask you a variety of questions that can help you recognize what your skin type is if you aren’t sure.

Masks are super simple, just throw on one.. relax and afterwards your face is moisturizer. They’re great to do before bed or if you’re not shy enough to used during a long flight, they keep your skin hydrated in that dry and stuffy environment.
Depending on the mask, I would recommended staying seated and just relax while it’s on, as much don’t adhere well when you’re up.

Here are some of the sheet mask I’ve been used to help me achieve hydrated and glowing skin
01. Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule
If you want achieve that bright and glowy skin, this one is for you. The I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule mask is infused with vitamin C to make the skin brighter, helping to achieve the translucent and dewy look (I finished the other type of mediheal mask; Collagen and Vita Light Beam, Too bad I’m not able to took a photo)

02. The Aritaum Mask
Hyaluronic Acid; Is the best face mask I’ve found. Rich in moisture and gives elasticity to the skin, it’s moisturizing water type essence contains 2.000 mg of hyaluronic acid, and a clinical test has proven it increase the skin moisture.
Potato; Make a tired skin calm and moisturized it, and gives the skin a clean care. It’s really good to used in the morning after you stay over the night.
Cucumber; With an excellent soothing effect for lifeless skin and extra moisture supply to protect the skin from harmful environment and help skin more healthy.

There’s no set amount of time that you have to use them, I try to use one every week. Some people use one everyday, or sometimes once in awhile. Either way when you do them you’ll realize you’re skin more hydrate and moisturizer, although it’s not a long term effect but you’ll instantly feel the smooth & glow after apply a foundation or when you wake up in the next morning.

Do you have a favorite sheet mask? and how often do you usually do them?

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