My Daily Cleansing Routine

For me, a skincare routine has to be thorough, quick and enjoyable otherwise I’m just not going to stick to it. A skincare routine is also a good way of adding a little bit of self-care daily.

I don’t always feel up to cleansing due to fatigue or pain so having a manageable cleansing routine means I can keep to it and importantly, look forward to it. I might add, I’m a big fan of the double cleanse-a good balm or oil should remove everything in one go and don’t cause an irritate to my skin.

Here’s a couple of my favorite double cleansing routine.
The basic of a good skincare routine is definitely in the cleansing so please please please remove your makeup at night. It’ll clog up your pores and cause a death of a fairy, I don’t think you want that on your conscience. You can, of course, make it longer than my routine The 8 Step Korean Skincare Routine Will Change Your Daily Habit but my cleansing routine is quick, easy and most importantly it’s effective. It’s taken me awhile to figure out the right kinds of products for me but I hope the following is useful for you too. Of course you don’t need to use the same products as mine, because everyone skin type is different.

In the morning I like something quick that gently cleanses while leaving my skin soft and ready for my morning skincare routine and daily makeup. After switch between a couple of products I finally found a holy grail cleansing oil, The Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil EX to remove the remaining your night moisturizer. I would recommended this for daily use because the emulsifies are like beast. Just a touch with water and the oil turns thin and milky. I have an oily T-zone and dry skin everywhere else and I often suffer hydrated skin. The Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil EX is a lovely cleansing oil, I can feels the smooth, soft, and hydrated thoroughly cleanses the skin, especially pores. What I like about it is the fragrance, since I like herbal scents more than floral.

I also use the absolutely gorgeous KOSE Sekkisei Powder Wash. Sekkisei is a Japanesse based company and the products are derived from both high quality Chinese and Japanese herbal extracts. KOSE Sekkisei white powder wash really is a pleasure to use, it smells amazing like a baby powder and leaves my skin incredibly smooth, creates a moisturizing skin, and preserve a soothing condition.

The face wash gives a nice lather that’s full of skin loving ingredients such as coix seed, angelica root, and peony root. This powder wash won’t dry out your skin but if you do have a sensitive skin and cause a red bump every time you use a powder wash there’s a cream version too. And that’s it for my morning cleanse. Morning are rough so you should definitely treat yourself to something that you enjoy using.

In the evening I take a bit longer but not that much tbh. My first stop is either an oil cleanser or balm. These babies will make light work of makeup, breaking it down easily leaving nothing behind expect soft, cleansed skin. Even if you have oily skin I still recommend using a balm or oil, especially one that turns into a milk cleanser when mixed with water, leaving no oily residue. These are by far the best kinds of cleansers to actually clean your skin properly. I’m not a fan of creams, they just can’t break down makeup like balms or oils. So please don’t be put off by oils. I’m currently using Heimish All Clean Balm. This gorgeous cleanser completely removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara, it’s quick, effective and deeply nourishing Heimish All Clean Balm are amazing cleansers that completely remove makeup without irritating your skin.

Then after the cleanses balm, I’m using Nivea Makeup Clear Micellar Water, to swiped the rest remaining oily by using a cotton pads. It’s help to remove everything daily dirt and impurities the makeup and leaves the skin fresh and cleansed. Remember to gently swipe cause It will dry out your skin and cause red bump or itchy when you swiped it harder.

Finally, the last step I used the KOSE Sekkisei Powder Wash, as I already mention above. So yeah, I have a pretty minimalist skincare routine but it works and it work incredibly well. It’s a cleansing routine that fits in with daily regular perfectly and also adds a much needed bit of self-care. Just remember to drink water, eat your fruit and veg, and get your sleep too.

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