Current Addicted K-Drama ; Pretty Noona Buy Me Food

Hi everyone! Are you a K-drama Lover? What the latest drama you watched?
I want to share about my current drama addicted. Normally I’m not into a romance or chick lit drama, Mostly I watched mystery, thriller, and detective genres.

The latest K-drama everyone buzzing about is Something In The Rain, the original Korean tittle is Pretty Noona Buy Me Food. The drama was originally inspired by Song Joong ki and Song Hye Gyo, the real life star couple who are known as the Song-Song Couple. The director said he was inspired by Song Joong ki who keep asking Song Hye Gyo to buy his food. Apparently, the pretty noona paid for the meals when they ate outside. In Korean “Noona” is refers to an older sister or older woman. That’s the cute Korean title drama comes up.

The drama is about 30- something woman(Jin-ah) who being cheated by her previous boyfriend and keep threaten her.  As broken as she could be, Jin- ah held on to that glimpse of hope that after all her failed relationships, someone would come along and be worth all the troubles he could give.

The young handsome guy(Jun-hee) is Jin-ah best friend’s brother made her realize that she could be in love and not be in a relationship, and she could be in a relationship without love.

Something In The Rain moves to a dialogue heavy and bombarded plot bend narrative circling in one major conflict. How the two main leads discover they yielded lingering love lessons as they journeyed to how they changed for the better and gave all the best there was to prove their love for each other.

Something in the rain was clearly not a sugar-coating the romance. Most the conflict they deal was the not approved by their family. Because Jin -ah and Jun-hee were almost family. Jun-hee and his sister were already consider as part of a family Jin-ah parent’s  even as childhood.

The whole stretch of the drama was embellished with noteworthy life affirming lessons about friendship, love, family, and various relationship without overwhelming the scenarios with circling resolutions, it had always been  clear on presenting the discords, and providing the solutions.

The storytelling of this drama how it fervently keep the serenity by its heartfelt dialogues and spontaneous scenarios. True love has its own way of providing a relationship that did not initially work-may still work at the right time. That has been one of the myriad takeaways you can ruminate about in the drama.

If you are needing a binge worthy romance story, consider to adding something in the rain to your watchlist. This drama also available on Netflix.



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